lymphatic massage

A gentle, slow, repetitive and rhythmic massage

 that mimics the action of the lymph system and 

-helps to reduce swelling and pain-

Manual Lymph Drainage is the most scientifically researched, proven and accepted form of

bodywork in the world. It has been administered in clinics, hospitals, and spas for decades.

Here are some neat things lymphatic massage does- 

  • Beneficial for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and RA

by decreasing pain and fatigue, stress, depression and insomnia

  • Reduces swelling after injury and or surgeries

  • Relaxes adhesions and scars


When we get hurt or have surgery the body sends needed protein rich fluids to these sites to help us heal and to keep that area from moving... a self-imposed cast or brace, if you will.

Once the swelling is in place the body moves on to other important things like breathing and pumping blood so, eliminating the swelling is down at the bottom of the list of things to fix.

Eventual healing and movement will reduce the swelling over time.

but, good news!

lymph drainage massage will speed the healing process and thankfully reduce the

swelling and pain associated with the trauma area.

Carolyn Hauck, LMT, CMLDT