I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years. After just one session of manual lymph drainage, I am more energetic, sleep better and have reduced pain. After 3 sessions I have less frequent flairs. Carolyn also showed me self care at home. Thank you! 

I have had plantar fasciitis that had prevented me from running anymore. After 4 sessions with Carolyn I am back to running again. I do work on myself at home and also see her to maintain my pain free feet. Awesome! You are a life saver.

I fell last year and hurt my wrist bad enough to send me to the ER. The doctor said it would be weeks before the pain from the soft tissue injury would go away. The next day I saw Carolyn for manual lymph drainage and the pain disappeared. She also showed me some lymphatic massage techniques I could do for myself to help out as it healed. Thank you!

I have hemophilia and also went through a knee replacement surgery. I was having a terrible time getting my range of motion back. Carolyn asked if I would ask my doctor if manual lymph drainage was appropriate for me. My doctor said yes. When I first laid on the table and Carolyn started working on my knee I thought it was a joke! It is so slow and gentle. After 10 minutes I literally felt the change! When I got off the table I could walk easier. After our third session I could easily bend my knee completely and also walk up the stairs. Amazing!

I have had tinnitus for a very long time with headaches. After seeing Carolyn, my head quieted down. She worked on my jaw outside and inside my mouth (with gloves on). She also worked on my neck and afterward it was more quiet than it has been in years. And yes, she showed me how to help myself with self care! 

Carolyn Hauck, LMT, CMLDT